About it reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with reference to the publication La Voix du Nord.

the candidacy of the 55-year-old transgender woman Marie To supported 14 municipal deputies. “People don’t chose me because I am transgender or not, they chose the program,” said Ko.

“as far As I know, she became the first transgender person elected mayor in France”, — said the co-founder of the national Association of transgender Stephanie Nico.

In Russia a woman-transgender Michelle was sentenced to three years in prison. The sentence handed down on charges of distribution of child pornography: an occasion to excitation of criminal case became the pictures in Japanese manga style, published at Michelle in the social network. Forensic experts concluded that they depict Nude males, under 14 years of age. Pictures are regarded as child pornography. In jail a transgender woman wrote letters to her friend, not to go crazy.

“I don’t hear your favorite music, watch movies, read, what gives. I remember crying from helplessness and inability to change anything, from obscurity,” wrote the inmate.