RIA Novosti interviewed experts gave advice to Russians on the output mode of isolation and the return to work weekdays

They advised the citizens to start preparing for work days at least for a week, and an ideal — almost a month. So, the body will have time to get used to stress and become less receptive to stress.

In the opinion of a psychiatrist of Moscow region Olga Sivoldayeva for this purpose will be useful for the simulation of labor day: “to get up no later than 7-8 am, meet in the usual mode, as has been done previously.” It is also necessary to make the mode of the day with the right organization of leisure, which would include meals and entrances to the street.

Otherwise, the body will experience stress, which will be expressed in a General malaise, weakness, decreased concentration. To improve the emotional background of this period will help in shopping, she said. In addition, the specialist advised me to take vitamin complexes, in particular, group B and C, and spend more time in the sun.

Neurologist consultative-diagnostic center of the Moscow regional research clinical Institute (MONICA) named after Vladimir Olga Rods, in turn, has noticed that the fact of going to work and socializing with people after a long isolation minimizes stress factor.

“I can see by your patients and employees-all eager to work. People understand the value of what was lost. During this period, they will experience joy. I think a revised life values, attitudes, praised the work and people,” she said.

According to the service “”, half of Russians after the abolition of the regime of self-isolation plan to return to work in the office. Another third (30 percent) want to alternate between remote and office work. Work from home liked each of the fifth — they would like to continue to work in this mode.