experts said the unexpected result of the refusal of Sweden from quarantine, according to Bloomberg. The government is preparing a preliminary economic report for the second quarter. Analysts believe that it will reflect the seven percent drop in GDP in the country.

“This is an unprecedented figure for the biggest economy of Northern Europe. And yet it will be lower than in most Eurozone countries, which had imposed stringent quarantine due to the rise in the incidence of coronavirus” – with reference to the source RIA Novosti reported.

Experts are not yet ready to say how this viral strategy will affect the Swedish economy in the future. Will it recover faster in comparison with neighboring Denmark and Norway? At the same time, the newspaper notes, the rejection of quarantine increased mortality rates COVID-19 in the country.

Recall that in the epidemic and morbidity the Swedish authorities was limited only to recommendations residents to take precautions. The main epidemiologist of Sweden Anders Tegnell then insisted that “it is necessary to give the population to contract the virus.” Recently he admitted that was a mistake, noting that one would choose for the country, “interim scenario” without entering a total restriction, but without having to forgo the quarantine.