Perhaps the most common among users is the myth that hard disk starts to run slower. But it is not – physically the hard drives start to run slower after a certain period of time. Experts recommend to be careful with your hard drive (and laptop in General), not to overheat it and do not drop. Also, when choosing the device pay attention to more modern SSDS – they are faster, no noise and almost completely ignore negative external factors, which are very sensitive to mechanical HDD”.

the Next popular myth is that a large number of files allegedly slows down your computer. Actually, on modern disks (even SSDS, but just on a powerful HDD) and multithreaded operating systems, the effect of a large number or size of folders and files there. The exception would be a situation where you have 90% filled the disk on which the operating system. In this case, it may not have enough space for operational work that can slow down your laptop.

Some users believe that over time, the processor starts to slow down. It is not so: the only option where the CPU performance may suffer damage, it’s a physical problem. For example, if the laptop was damaged, there was an extreme overheating and so on. In this case, can help the repair or replacement of the processor.

Also, people often blame the it company that they release updates to the operating systems that slow down the device. In fact, the reason may be any from the temporary failure, which will subsequently eliminate, to the more difficult option when a new update just exposed the fact that the laptop is not enough capacity with existing programs.