MSNBC presenter Mika Brzezinski called the President of the United States Donald trump’s "sick" in a live TV channel.

The broadcast took place on 20 may, now live with the statements of Brzezinski is available on YouTube.

The TV host criticized the President for his words about the number infected with the coronavirus in the United States. Brzezinski stressed that the country accounts for 31 per cent of the total number COVID-19 all over the world, however, trump believes that such amount "good", and it supposedly testifies to the effectiveness of testing. According to the journalist, this entire situation will go down in history as a humanitarian disaster that the US President could have prevented.

At the same time, said the TV host, President all the time trying to move the arrow and says "the stuff" on Twitter, in particular about her husband Joe Scarborough, who last was a member of the house of representatives and is now engaged in journalism and often criticizes the American leader.

Last week, trump published a post in which he protested against Scarborough still have not opened a case.

"When it is in will reopen the case for the incident with the psychopath Joe Scarborough in Florida? The murder he got away with it? Some think so. Why he left Congress so quietly and quickly? Isn’t it obvious? What is happening now? Very bad with his head!" trump wrote on may 12.

"Using his position, I will say this: these are the words of a sick man. Donald, you’re a sick man, sick. You are forced to go through this and that girl’s family, and her husband, and you’re doing it just because of the fact that angry Joe because he you today again pressed, because he speaks the truth and says in plain text that you have no interest to others, no empathy and that you are not able to cope with this enormous humanitarian catastrophe that you’re her only exacerbated and continue to exacerbate, and don’t even wear a mask to protect others from their own contagion," said Brzezinski, adding that trump’s "evil and disgusting".

Scarborough was a member of the U.S. house of representatives from Florida in July 2001, when the Trainee Lori Klausutis found dead in the workplace in the office of the parliamentarian in Fort Walton beach. An autopsy revealed that the 28-year-old girl died from heart disease, but her death seemed suspicious, particularly Trump, who in 2017, in Twitter called on to reopen the investigation.

Over the past day in the United States reported 25 294 new cases of infection. Only in United States, more than 1.57 million people were infected with coronavirus and over 94 thousand people died.

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