the Doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski said the only way to strengthen the immune system. He said this in his Instagram.

According to him, it is necessary to fulfill several conditions: to exercise, do not eat junk food, reduce the amount of sugar, watch your weight and avoid stress. In addition, it is important to experience positive emotions, engage in regular sex. Another factor he called the need to abandon the sterile environment as the immune system must be in constant contact with lots of bacteria.

“It’s all natural plus fresh air. All of this is the strengthening of immunity,” he said. Komorowski stressed that there is no “magic pill” which can strengthen the immune system.

Earlier, Komorowski explained the danger of using antibiotics for the prevention of coronavirus. He explained that their prophylactic use increases the likelihood of bacterial complications during the illness, and warned against the use of such drugs without a special occasion. Also, he pointed out the danger of using antibiotics in self-medication.