The Aviarobotech — Start Drone Championship will be held this year on June 4 in Pavilion No. 55 at VDNH, it will be timed to the Children’s Day. 18 Moscow and six teams from other regions of Russia will take part in the competition.

The opening of the championship is scheduled for 11:00. Interactive platforms will start working from 11:30, they can be visited on a first-come, first-served basis.

Those who want to come to the championship in person will need registration. It will also be possible to watch the competitions online on the channel of the Resource Center for Professional Navigation and Competence Development ANO “Human Capital Development”.

The Aviarobotech — Start National Championship is a competition in the field of aviation robotics. Participants compete in mastering the theory and using the skills of assembling and configuring an unmanned aircraft system, flight control, programming autopilot and target load, as well as using human-machine interfaces and performing tasks using an unmanned aircraft (UAV).

The Aviarobotech — Start Championship is held in Moscow for the second year. It was created so that young people could improve their skills in the field of robotics. Unmanned aviation is one of the most promising and rapidly developing areas, qualified personnel for which need to be trained from school. Last year, the championship was regional — 16 metropolitan teams took part in it. This year, almost 100 people will perform as part of 24 teams from all over the country.

This year, the modules of the competition block were completely changed — they included the possession of different competencies (cargo delivery, loading and unloading operations, management using a neuroface).

The first stage of the competition is called “Fastflight”. This module reproduces the process of training a specialist external UAV pilot. It includes an exam on theoretical training, an exam on practical training for the operation of a specific type of UAV (preparation for flight, autopilot programming, controlled flight within line of sight with the performance of aviation work).

At the second stage of “Neurotrek”, the process of training a specialist external pilot in the application of the interface of interaction between a person and a machine is reproduced. Participants will need to demonstrate the control of a drone using a neural interface with the passage of a training track within a line of sight.

The winners will be determined based on the results of passing the stages, including time, accuracy and quality of tasks. In addition to diplomas, cups and valuable prizes, the best participants will receive a certificate of qualification “operator of unmanned aerial vehicles”.

Prepared for the visitors of the championshipand a large interactive program. Everyone will be able to take photos at the cockpit of the L-39 aircraft, get memorable photos from the championship on magnets, as well as make souvenirs at master classes.

Guests will be able to build their own free-flying glider aircraft at an aircraft model master class, and create a souvenir from polymer clay at a creative lesson.

At the master class “Neurointerfaces: principles of operation and practical use”, participants will get acquainted with modern methods and devices for studying brain activity. They will also be able to try out the most modern interface of human-machine interaction — an optorythmograph device capable of controlling a mini-quadcopter with the power of thought in real time.

It will be possible to get the first practical skills of piloting a quadrocopter with obstacle flying and other exercises for pilots at the Geoscan Pioneer Mini master class.

Scientific and technical workshops on robotics, industrial design, 3D modeling and creative programming will be offered to visitors of the children’s technoparks “Moscow” and “Mosgormash”.