JSC “Scientific and Production Enterprise “Thorium” of the state Corporation “Rostec” has successfully completed the development of an electronic device designed to amplify radio waves. Powerful klystron can be used in medical equipment, inspection complexes and other equipment. This was announced by the head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow Vladislav Ovchinsky.

The key parameters of linear accelerators, such as radiation dose rate and penetrating power, directly depend on the characteristics of microwave energy sources, usually from powerful pulsed klystrons. Scientists and engineers all over the world are trying to reduce the size of the accelerator device, while reducing its cost. This can be achieved by increasing the operating frequency of the signal, while maintaining high values of pulse power. The new characteristics will allow the use of high-tech developments in mobile inspection complexes, compact radiotherapy complexes and other devices.

The device showed record results: an output pulse power of three megawatts at a frequency of 9300 megahertz with a high efficiency due to the use of a new design principle for such products.

The general director of the enterprise Dmitry Trofimov added that the development work was completed in just seven months, and the technical characteristics of the new device surpasses world analogues.