The mentoring program “Place of Growth — AIM”, implemented at the Moscow Innovation Agency, was recognized as the best HR project in the public sector. The project became the winner of the award for achievements in the field of human capital management “Crystal Pyramid — 2022”.

Mentoring practice has been in the agency for many years: in the last three years alone, it has provided an opportunity for professional growth to more than 300 interns who are engaged in various urban projects in the field of high technology. Since 2019, the number of young professionals who have completed an internship at the agency has increased by 50 percent.

Within the framework of the “Place of Growth — AIM” program, experienced agency employees work with young people and help them get used to the organization, model an individual career plan, develop horizontal ties within the team. This is how mentors improve their own management skills and strengthen their professional reputation. In addition, the organization does everything to make the achievements of the project participants visible and as many colleagues as possible within the team and in the external environment find out about them. The best success stories can already be seen on the program’s website, on the organization’s pages on social networks and in industry media.

This is not the first award of the capital’s HR Innovation Agency. In particular, the organization has already become a laureate of the Trainings prize and received awards that are awarded within the framework of the “Best Social Projects of Russia” and “Best ESG Projects of Russia” programs for the best organization and support of the beginning of a career in the public sector and the best corporate practices of ESG, respectively.

The Moscow Innovation Agency was created by the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development. It offers a range of business programs at different stages of development — from the implementation of an idea to the moment when the company has a finished product and a desire to enter new markets. His projects help technology companies develop, test and implement their products, attract investments, scale up and find large customers.

The Crystal Pyramid Award was established by the organizing committee of the Summit of HR Directors of Russia 11 years ago and is awarded annually to organizations implementing advanced methods and technologies in the field of HR. It helps employees of organizations and those who are planning employment to learn more about career growth and development opportunities, and project authors to get recognition of their achievements in human capital management.