The operator of the missile system to Iran probably broke the rules of fire, from-for what the plane was shot down, “International airlines of Ukraine”, told Radio Farda on may 23 (media-foreign agent).

“the Former member of Parliament Mahmoud Sadeki said Friday that officials found that the operator of the missile system, which in January brought down the Ukrainian plane, is responsible for this incident”, — is told in the message.

The former MP said that the soldier allegedly decided to attack the plane not on orders from command center, but because of the “fuzzy information”, obtained from the Ministry of defense of Iran.

The politician demanded that the Minister of defense of Iran to explain why the country lacks a system of coordination of air defense forces.

As passed IA REGNUM, 8 January 2020 in Iran crashed Ukrainian plane with 176 people on Board. It was later revealed that the plane was mistakenly shot down the Iranian defense forces.