Coronavirus became more dangerous due to mutations

Coronavirus mutated and acquired at least 30 different strains, which may significantly complicate the fight against the pandemic disseminated. Reported by the Daily Mail, citing a study group of scientists from Zhejiang University.

Chinese researchers believe that there are dozens of strains of the virus known as SARS-COV-2. The strains discovered in China was one of the most dangerous and similar to those that spread all over Europe. In the US, most people are infected with a weaker version of the virus.

the Authors claim that they found the first evidence that mutations can influence the severity of the disease.

Experts have studied how effectively the virus can infect human cells and destroy them. In China and some European countries, which were hardest hit by the pandemic, such as Italy and Spain, scientists found the most dangerous strains of the disease. The same strains were found in new York, the epicenter of infection in the United States.

However in the rest of America was recorded mostly less dangerous strains, among which can be the strain from Wuhan, where the virus itself.

At the moment the world was about 2 400 000 cases of infection with coronavirus. In total more than 170 thousand people died in the pandemic.