Tour operators started to book for the summer trips to Turkey

Here is just one of the tempting offers that we found on one of the travel portals. “Book is cheap. And while the dollar has not grown, and then you can change your mind 🙂 free cancellation one month prior to departure. A refund the same day. For all areas before the end of the year! 15% prepay by paying, when you will go for 21 or 31 days before departure”. Then offer to call back in 25 seconds, if you leave your room.

called Back even earlier. We pretended that I wanted to fly to Turkey for a week in early June in a 4 stars hotel on system “All inclusive”. Can we do it?

– Yes. Please note that the prices for a long time such was not, only 52 of 757 thousand rubles Marmaris, or even there – for 50 thousand rubles 911, beachfront, very comfortable, a room for two. Are you sure you want June? And suddenly the quarantine will be extended? Safer to book for August or September, suddenly frankly admitted the girl on the other end, apologizing for what’s in the pipe you can hear the baby, because “everything is now sitting in quarantine.”

As told by a travel agent, may now completely closed, that is, nobody flies all the April “sitting on the depositor”. This means that the money that was brought by the clients for early booking, they do not return, but they will be able to fly by selecting any date, as soon as it opens at least some direction. The deadline is extended until the end of 2021, to change the dates many times.

We agreed to call after the may holidays. And continued the experiment.

In the end, phoned 15 travel agencies. Seven did not take the tube, apparently tired of answering calls “tourists on Deposit”. Of the remaining eight, two openly vtyuhivali tours, starting in June, arguing that not losing anything. They say the money will be on Deposit, when you want, then fly, with prices such that they have now will be gone.

In other not crushed, by contrast, offered everything thoroughly to weigh, to see when they open the border. And already then to solve something with the release. To book a tour, starting from the first of June, as it turned out, still quite real, and not just in Turkey. Two well-known tour operator is ready to do it accurately. Some suggest to make a reservation 50 euros, others pay 50 percent of the cost of the tour.

“I do not share the approach of my colleagues who are already selling trips to Turkey in June. It is an adventurous and irresponsible – said the Executive Director of the Ural tourism Association Mikhail Maltsev. I don’t believe in quick opening of the Turkey. She probably won’t be able to take tourists for at least another few months.”

Dmitry Gorin, Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia:

– Now there is a recommendation of the Federal tourism Agency of the temporary suspension of sales of tours to Russian current ��ATA on may 31. The same applies to international travel.

there are certain time and during this period hotels, sanatoria and boarding houses is also forbidden to accommodate tourists. So now basically there is a rebooking at a later date. And not only this, but for the next year.

And speaking of the new tours, the foreign certainty yet at all. And in Russian there are operators who are selling the far date of the summer. But they offer the option return rate and return to the hotel. Tourists make a token advance payment (sometimes it is 3-5 percent of the cost of the tour), and the surcharge will only occur two weeks before the start of the trip. Accordingly, these tours will be active only in the case of removing the limitations on the coronavirus. Now while restrictions apply.

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