Proceeds of the auction Sotheby’s “From Rembrandt to Richter” amounted to 193 million dollars. Several works have found their owners for amounts greatly exceeding their original estimated cost, according to representatives of the auction house.

“twice more was paid for a triptych “Mediterranean sea”. It’s work on the migrant crisis in Europe, they are written by British street artist Banksy. Landscapes went under the hammer for almost three million, with initial assessment of a triptych from one to one and a half million dollars. Proceeds will be directed to equip the hospitals in Bethlehem on the West Bank of the Jordan river” – with reference to the source TASS.

in the last Five lots in the London auction broke the mark of 10 million. Collectors zealously fought for the work of Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti, entitled “Standing woman”, for the landscape of the contemporary German artist Gerhard Richter abstract and a still life by Fernand léger, a painting by Joan Miro’s “Woman in a red hat” and a self-portrait by Rembrandt, which is at the auction went for a record $ 18.7 million dollars. All art lovers have been proposed 71 lot.