China is not going to replace or change the United States, said foreign Minister Wang Yi, He urged the White house not to waste time on differences and fight together against a common enemy — the pandemic coronavirus infection new type (COVID-19).

the outbreak of new coronavirus infection COVID-19 is the common enemy of China and the United States, mutual support and assistance — a common desire of the two peoples, — quotes the head of the Agency portal

Commenting on cooperation with Russia, the diplomat noted that China is ready to defend the outcome of world war II, RIA Novosti reported.

China has decided to drive US into a trap

The Ministry of transport of the USA has accused China’s leadership in creating obstacles to the work of American airlines in China. Carriers stopped flights to the Asian country to 12 of March 2020 the pandemic coronavirus infection new type (COVID-19).

Earlier reported that the U.S. Department of Commerce has extended the sanctions list of the companies associated with the Chinese government. The list includes organizations registered in China, Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands.