Advisor to the President of the trump national security Robert O’brien called the Kaliningrad oblast “a dagger in the heart of Europe”. Such a statement he made in an interview with German newspaper Bild, devoted to the US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies.

Viral “annexation” of Kaliningrad will result in the collapse of Poland

According to the adviser, Russia did not allow Americans to fly to the Kaliningrad region in the framework of the Treaty on the fly. And they did not receive the information they need. However, O’brien promised that the USA will still get it and will share it with NATO partners.

“we Have other technical means to monitor what the Russians are doing. And we will share this information with the European allies so they understand what the Russians in the Kaliningrad region, which became a dagger in the heart of Western Europe. Given the geographical position of the region, it should be a place of great trade, tourism, social interaction between Russia and Western Europe. Unfortunately, Russia has turned it into a closed military base, full of high-tech weapons and missiles. The whole situation in Kaliningrad is a missed opportunity for Russia and Europe, and it’s really a shame,” said Robert O’brien.

He added that he did not think that withdrawal would be a sign of a new cold war.

“We want good relations with Russia, with the Russian people. President trump and President Putin, the king of Saudi Arabia has done a very good job trying to stabilize the world oil markets. We see great potential between Russia and the United States. Russia is suffering from Covid, we experienced a difficult crisis with the virus. We had helped the Russians, sent them to ventilators. At the beginning of the crisis, they sent us personal protective equipment. I think we are going to work very hard on the new start Treaty. We have an excellent negotiating team. But we need a situation where contracts are mutual when they are respected by both parties. Unfortunately, this did not happen with the “Open sky”, – said the adviser.

The “open skies agreement” – an agreement allowing Russian planes with video equipment to fly over Europe and the United States for the inspection of military facilities and weapons. Americans, Canadians and Europeans were able to fly over Russia with a similar mode of verification.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that trump announced the US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies. The Americans believe that Moscow is violating the terms of the contract. In the Russian foreign Ministry said that the country has complied with all the clauses of the agreement.