British post 54 carried a letter from London to the English town of Ipswich, County Suffolk, is located at a distance of 106 kilometers. About it writes edition the Daily Mail.

“When I turned him over, I recognized the handwriting of his sister, says 74-year-old Jill Milburn (Gill Milbourne) from Ipswich. But then I realized that she writes differently. So her handwriting looked like before.”

Inside the envelope were calendars of 1966 is with the airline Air Malawi. Most brands Dating back to 1966, and another was pasted in June 2020 and testified that the day before the arrival of the letter passed through the mail sorting centre in Chelmsford, Essex.

As it turned out, the letter was indeed sent to the sister of the Brits. It happened in August 1966, when she attended the London Telecom tower Post Office Tower. In those years, Jill Milburn collected stamps, so my sister decided to send her an envelope with stamps Post Office Tower, repaid on the day of release. In it she put calendars Air Malawi, the rest after returning from Malawi where she lived (mid-1960s the country was a British colony).

It remains unknown where he lost the letter, and how he was found.

“it is Difficult to speculate on what happened with this mail, but more likely that it didn’t get lost or stuck somewhere, and someone returned it in the mail system recently,” commented the representative of the British mail.

177-meter tower Post Office Tower was built in 1964 and 1980, was considered the tallest building in the UK. Originally used by the British mail for microwave radio relay communication with other cities of the country. Opened to visitors in may 1966, three months before the visit of sister Jill Milburn. Later became the property of British Telecom and now known as BT Tower.