Boris Johnson will return to work

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is recovering from COVID-19, plans to return to work on Monday, April 27, the newspaper Daily Telegraph, citing informed sources.

"He is not the man that will feel good for doing nothing. In fact, in the last week he has a lot and fully working", – said one of the sources.

The Prime Minister has asked aides next week to include in the operating schedule meetings with individual Ministers. As writes the edition, Johnson returns to the "critical moment" when any other member of the government I expect it initiatives to the strategic plan of the gradual abolition of quarantine measures that adversely affect the British economy.

Johnson announced that infected by coronavirus, March 27. Since then, he was in isolation, but continued to work. The third of April he in the video said that he remains at high temperature. The fifth day Johnson was taken to the hospital for necessary tests.

On the sixth of April, the office of the Prime Minister announced that as Johnson had worsened and he was taken to the intensive care unit. The seventh of April it became known that the Prime Minister as stable connection to the ventilator did not take him, he’s breathing on his own and gets the standard oxygen treatment. The ninth of April, Johnson was transferred from intensive care to a regular ward.