The former assistant to the President for national security John Bolton said that he had no regrets about working in the administration of Donald trump, although he admits that he committed a number of errors.

"No, I’m not going to remember this and to doubt the correctness of the decision. If the opportunity presented itself again I would do the same, – he has told on Tuesday on air of TV channel Fox News, responding to a question. Of course, I made a lot of mistakes. This could not be a doubt, and I’m sorry that I have not had the opportunity to fix them".

The ex-assistant of the head of state reiterated that he will not vote for a Republican Donald trump, no former Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden, who has secured sufficient support from delegates for the upcoming Democratic Convention for the nomination of a candidate for the presidential election in November. Bolton expressed his regret that, in his opinion, all the actions and decisions of the current occupant of the White house dictated solely by the desire to be re-elected for a second term.

"Reaction [trump] on coronavirus illustrates all my fears. Trump in January and February did not want to hear anything bad about China and his friend [the Chinese President] XI Jinping, the, didn’t want to hear that the disease could threaten the United States. He didn’t want to hear that the disease could threaten the U.S. economy, the strength of which trump has seen the path to his re-election," explained his opinion of Bolton. From his point of view, the decision of the President of the United States "inconsistent and insufficiently effective".

According to surveys of political portal Real Clear Politics (RCP, "real clear politics"), Biden is ahead of trump in 8.5 per cent on average in popularity among voters. Trump has already received a sufficient number of votes of the delegates to the party Congress for the nomination of the Republican candidate in the presidential election. 59th U.S. presidential election is scheduled for November 3.