About the planned military training in the Vitebsk region of Belarus, which will begin on 11 August, said the official representative of military Department of the country, the head of Gavrusik, stressing that “training viennaaustria reserve for military training is a process that is in the Armed forces is continuous. Reservists are constantly called to charges of different duration in the course of the year”.

Earlier news portals reported that Belarusians under the age of 35 years calls for a 25-day urgent mobilization. Summons from the military enlistment offices receive, in particular, the residents of the border with Russia in the region. However, the representative of the defense Ministry of Belarus has made it clear that the receipt of the summons does not necessarily mean a call on the charges: updating documents, data, military service, regulations on mobilization – the usual work of the military.

by the Way, local analysts remind about the recent statements of Alyaksandr Lukashenka in which the commander in chief on the eve of presidential elections scheduled for 9 August, declared that he would not want to bring the Armed forces to restore public order, but “anything can happen”. According to him, the authorities will do everything to prevent in the Republic of the “Maidan”, because it is beneficial only to “someone from outside” who want to weaken the power, and then to do with the country that you want.