While the authorities officially have not confirmed, but a few days ago, the mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras said that they are ready “with open arms” to accept the honorary king of Spain. This may have influenced the decision of the Juan Carlos I where to go first. Besides, yesterday in Portugal for the first time, there was not one death from the coronavirus, which is also an important factor for travel today. Juan Carlos I is already 82 years old, making it more vulnerable to various infections.

it is Worth noting that his spouse Queen Sofia will continue to live in the Palace Zarzuela and to lead a public life, despite the decision of the Juan Carlos I to leave the country. In recent years, they were separated from each other and seldom appeared together in public. Moreover, it is irrelevant to the scandal in which was involved the former monarch. The pandemic coronavirus participation in the official events was somewhat limited, in recent months the public eye, she appeared only a few times.

we will Remind, on Monday Juan Carlos I sent my son a letter in which he spoke about his decision to temporarily leave Spain to protect Philip VI of scandals that have plagued the honorary king lately. He noted that he was the king of Spain for nearly 40 years and “always wanted the best for the country and for crown.” In this regard, he expressed readiness “to contribute to the alleviation of the performance of the functions” of his successor. “My heritage and my dignity demand it of me”,” wrote the honorable king.

“a Year ago I expressed my will and desire to discontinue the exercise of public activities. Now I announce that I am informed the decision to move outside of Spain,” – noted in the letter father to son.

the decision is Juan Carlos I took on the background of another scandal, in which he found himself. This time the development has been a history of illegal activities and accounts in Swiss banks. This information in the media circulating for quite some time now, but recently the press got the revelation of his former mistress that has added to the severity of the situation.

However, it should be noted that pursuing the scandals of Juan Carlos I for many years. Even as the current king, he was in trouble, reeling on the hunt for elephants in Botswana. At that time, Spain was immersed in an economic crisis. Besides, the monarch was Chairman of the Spanish branch of the Fund of protection of wild nature WWF. All this caused discontent among ordinary Spaniards. His life was complicated and appeared illegitimate children, need to acknowledge. Recently, the media got the information that the former head of state has received about EUR 65 million from Saudi Arabia. And it is in��forced Philip VI to give up the inheritance, which could get from his father, and to deprive him of funds from the budget of the Royal court.