Became aware of the negotiations on the opening of borders in the EU

The Council of the European Union on tourism representatives of many countries called for a coordinated, sustained approach to the opening of the EU borders on the basis of jointly established criteria, said a source in the institutions of the Union.

“Many of the Ministers supported a coordinated, step-by-step approach of the EU towards opening of borders and [resumption of] trips on the basis of commonly agreed protocols and criteria”, – said the source RIA “Novosti”.

So, Croatian tourism Minister Gary Cappelli emphasized that it would be critical to involve epidemiologists in the process of opening of borders and resumption of tourist flows.

“Should consult with the epidemiologists in determining the criteria and measures that will be needed to ensure the safety of tourists”, – said in a release following the meeting.

Tourism, hit hard by the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, covers about 10% of the EU’s GDP, this sector employs about 12% of employed people in the EU, the report says.

Earlier, the European Commission recommended that member countries of the European Union to restrict the travel of citizens within the Schengen zone till may 15 in connection with the situation with coronavirus.

The EU on the background of the pandemic has imposed massive restrictions in social and economic life, including trade restrictions, a ban on the operation of restaurants and hotels, the closure of borders, including between countries of the Union, limiting air and ground transportation.