Both stamped and propuesta of four British parents already know who will be their child, when they grow up. Almost every third Respondent (35%) believes that it will study so-called STEM professions (technical, scientific and engineering narrow profession), and 28% see him as a chef. More than half of respondents (59%) did not want their child to become in future “white collar” and the whole day spent in the office. Read more about this in the article “Kommersant”.Poor poor of roznej as one of the measures anti-crisis assistance during a pandemic coronavirus, the US government has resorted to direct the distribution of money to the population. In March, Congress passed the act for the payment of direct financial assistance to people with low incomes. The so-called trump checks amounting to $1,200 were received by American citizens with an annual income of not more than $99 thousand at one or not more than $198 thousand per couple. They spend benefits — in the material “Kommersant”.German, pepper, колбаса87% of people in Germany love to cook on the grill. According to a new study by YouGov, the most favorite dishes of the Germans, prepared to fire, the steaks and sausages (71%). On the second place — meat skewers (52%), the third vegetable (31%). In last place are the fruit. Fried they are like only 10% of respondents. Read more about the culinary preferences of the Germans — in the material “Kommersant”.Go to Pohoda survey company Odoxa conducted among adult French, every second Respondent (53%) reported that this summer will be to give sports as much as possible. The enthusiasm in this plan show young people aged 18 to 24 years, and these scored a 56%. And to combine the holiday with a variety of physical exercises would like 38% of the respondents. The most popular types of leisure activities in France — in the material “Kommersant”. Andrew Egupets, Artem Kosenok, Anna Powaga, Olga Shkurenko