the Russians decided to simplify getting a mortgage. According to RBC, the government is going to reduce to 15 percent down payment on a discounted program that allows you to take out a loan at 6.5 percent. Agency sources indicate that this decision will be announced in the coming days.

reduced mortgage at 6.5 per cent was one of the anti-crisis measures of support introduced during the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus and falling oil prices. The program applies to loans issued from April 16 to November 1, 2020 to purchase housing in new buildings. First, the initial contribution under these programmes was 20 per cent.

According to a recent survey conducted by the public opinion Foundation (FOM), more than half of Russians rule out the possibility of registration of mortgage: said 62 percent of respondents. Only 20 percent of survey participants say that considering in the future, 16 percent have already paid the loan or pay it now.

Every fifth participant of the survey said that the reluctance to take out a mortgage due to low standard of living, 17 percent indicated that the loan they do not need, because housing is already there. Another 7 percent don’t want to take out a loan due to the large overpayments, 6 percent in principle do not trust the instrument of credit, 4 percent no confidence in the future.

Meanwhile, Russian banks are gradually simplify the opportunity to take credit for housing. The share of approvals, filings returned to pre-crisis levels. By the end of June were issued to housing loans 116,2 billion rubles (plus 0.9 percent of the index for the same period of 2019).