Mass protests in the United States, which began after the death of the 25 may African-American resident of Minneapolis (Minnesota), George Floyd, the Sabbath has become rampant. Riots, arson, clashes with police and National guard seized more than a dozen major US cities. In some areas introduced a state of emergency. According to media reports, the Pentagon ordered the army to lead a military police unit in readiness for deployment in Minneapolis in case of further deterioration of the situation. On the eve of one of the four police officers involved in the arrest of George Floyd, was charged with murder in the third degree (that is, negligence). But the rioters it seems, only angry.From new York to Californiababy protest because of the death of George Floyd is growing every day. Recall, a resident of Minneapolis, may 25, was arrested by police on suspicion that he paid in the shop with a counterfeit bill at $20. The police tackled him to the ground, and one of them leaned a knee on the neck. Despite the complaints of George Floyd that he can’t breathe, the police would not let him. The detainee lost consciousness and died soon after in intensive care.The protests and riots that started in Minneapolis, has spread rapidly across the country. By Saturday they had covered more than ten major U.S. cities. For example, in Atlanta (Georgia), the authorities were forced to introduce a state of emergency. Protest there quickly ceased to be a peaceful Friday night, the demonstrators began to set fire to police cars, tried to break into the headquarters of CNN and sprayed paint from the cans the sign of the broadcaster, which is installed at the office. Police used tear gas. The mayor keisha lance bottoms, speaking at a press conference, appealed to the protesters: “enough is enough. You need to go home. We are evil. This (the death of George W. Floyd.— “B”) hurt. Painful for all who are in this room right now. But what you will achieve, trashing the city? You no longer trust. So we do not change America. So we don’t change the world”. In her words, “the doers on the streets of Atlanta is Atlanta not”: “Is not in the spirit (a native of the town, who received the Nobel peace prize for combating racial inequality through nonviolence.— “B”) Martin Luther king, it is chaos. When king was murdered, we’re not going on in our city.” However, Mrs. lance bottoms, no one listened. The Governor of the state of Georgia Brian Kemp announced plans to use “at least 500 people from the National guard of the state for the protection of people and property in Atlanta”.Photo: Dustin Chambers , ReutersВ Detroit (Michigan), unknown persons opened fire during the protests. At least one person — a 19-year-old boy — were killed. Police arrested more than 40 participants unrest.In Houston (Texas) arrested nearly 200 protesters. Most charged or will be charged with blocking roads. It is reported that four police officers were injured, eight police cars were damaged.There have been protests in Los Angeles (CA), and they are also not without violence and destruction of property. “We have declared an unlawful Assembly in the Central district of Los Angeles,” — said in a statement, local police in Twitter. Her instructions were that in the area of unrest also had to close stores. Two law enforcement officer of Los Angeles, according to media reports, got injured.Besides, the protesters tried to block the highway linking Los Angeles and Oakland. The highway was blocked and in another California city — San Jose. According to mayor Sam Liccardo first people “they expressed their righteous anger at the injustices in Minneapolis,” but then a peaceful protest acquired violent forms.Similar challenges have faced the city of Portland (Oregon). “Leave the territory or against you will apply gas, weapons, and other means to disperse”,— stated in the message of the police. However, the warning had no effect. In particular, the protesters set fire to the courthouse. On the streets of the city heard the shooting.In new York, one of the centers of the protests was the Brooklyn. There, police confronted the demonstrators, who sought to break through the metal barriers installed around the sports arena, Barclays Center. Police used batons. “No one justifies the burning, looting and robbery, but understand the anger, fear and frustration of the protesters. Justice must prevail”,— said the mayor of new York bill de Blasio, urging people to remain calm.Photo: Caitlin Ochs ReutersВ Albuquerque (new Mexico) four people were arrested after clashes with law enforcement officers. And there the police were forced to use tear gas.In Milwaukee (Wisconsin) protesters tried to block and blocked for a while — the main highway. Protesters chanted “I can’t breathe!”Finally, in Washington (DC) crowd gathered at the White house. In the hands of the people holding placards saying “I can’t breathe” “black Lives matter”, “Stop the shooting”. Was burned upside down American flag. Some tried to break through the barriers erected by the U.S. Secret service, throwing bottles at the officers. In response they used tear gas.”It should not be “normal” in America 2020″the Most difficult situation is still in Minneapolis. Local officials acknowledge that they underestimated the possible scale of the stock protest��, which did not prevent even the introduction of a curfew. At a press conference, Minnesota Governor Tim now briefly described the situation as “absolute chaos.” “They (the demonstrators.— “B”) just bigger than us,” he said, making it clear: to arrest all the participants of the unrest, the perpetrators of arson and other crimes, is not possible.To normalize the situation failed even once to Minneapolis and located in the same state St. Paul sent more than 500 soldiers of the National guard. To disperse the protesters, they actively used tear gas, but protesters is not soothed. As said the representative of the National guard of the state John Jensen, to resurrection in the city are likely to be more than 1.7 thousand soldiers of the national guard. Police there are now more than 2.5 thousand in addition, as the Agency AP, citing three knowledgeable source, the Pentagon ordered to alert the military police to be sent to Minneapolis. Units from North Carolina and new York must be ready to deploy in Minneapolis for four hours, units from Colorado and Kansas in the next 24 hours.Recall that the riots have already appeared in the U.S. in the center of the political debate. In this case, before he wrote on Twitter: “When the looting starts the shooting.” Quoting Walter Headley, who led the police in Miami during the racial unrest in 1967, the Democrats were considered outrageous. So, presidential candidate and former us Vice-President Joe Biden said that the calls for Donald trump to “violence against the citizens of the United States” caused him rage.He expressed his position and former President Barack Obama, who after retiring as head of the White house is a frequent speaker on issues relevant to the agenda. “It is a natural desire to want a life “returned to normal”, because the pandemic and economic crisis has radically changed all around us. However, we must remember that for millions of Americans the tragic, painful and irritating “normal” is the fact that they are treated differently because of their race. It should not be “normal” in America 2020. This can’t be normal”,— the statement says Mr. Obama posted on Twitter.”Officials from Minnesota will need to ensure that the circumstances of the death of George Floyd are thoroughly investigated and that ultimately justice will prevail,” said Barack Obama. “We Express our deepest and sincere condolences to the family of George Floyd. This is horrible… I asked the justice Ministry to expedite the investigation into his death,”— said in turn, Donald trump.On the eve of one of the four police officers involved in the arrest of George Floyd, was charged with murder in the third degree (that is, negligence). However, in the family of the deceased is considered insufficient. “The arrest of a former police officer of Minneapolis Derek Chawana (he was fired after the scandal broke.— “B”) for the brutal murder of George Floyd — welcome, but overdue step towards justice. We were expecting charges of first degree murder (with aggravating circumstances.— “Kommersant”). And we want other police officers arrested too. We urge the authorities to revise the charges to reflect the actual guilt of the police,”— said in a statement. So do those who took to the streets of American cities.Paul Tarasenko