more and more of the patients prefer to be treated at home, but would not go to the hospital. But when the feeling becomes too heavy, you have to “give up”. Unfortunately, due to the congestion of the hospitals of the Novosibirsk heavy patients spent the night in intolerable conditions.

Rimma Obeikan husband got sick at the same time. Did not save anything: no masks, no gloves, no social distance.

– the husband rapidly the temperature rose to the level of 38.6, – says Rimma. – He complained of muscle aches, chills and weakness. My first day of symptoms was only weakness, and then began a high fever. We called an ambulance. The doctor said his throat is red, but his lungs are clear, therefore, most likely, it’s the common cold. Ordered a warm drink and left.

Rimma increased temperature. The thermometer showed a 38.5 – 38.9 degrees. Especially felt bad in the morning. There was a fear that this is no ordinary infection, but something else.

on Monday we again called the doctor, she continues. Tortured sweating, weakness, tearing cough. Severe dyspnea was not. My husband has fever, but I was still shaking. We were recommended to take antibiotics, vitamins and expectorant drugs. Asked to observe whether we isolation? I told them that I work from home, the husband gets to his office by car, and there, besides him, no one. In the shops we get out only at night, and PPE used from the beginning of the epidemic. I do not belong to kovid-dissidents, for me, the threat of Contracting was real. The doctor asked if we had contacts with those who were infected. None of our friends did not hurt.

When Rima asked me to do a test on COVID-19, she was refused: the reason for that. Meanwhile, the state of the couple deteriorated. Have shortness of breath, increased muscle pain, tormented by the weakness.

They did a CT scan. The result in both was bad. On the statement the doctor made a note cito, which means “urgent”.

against the background of high temperature, not drooping a few days, Rimma had no energy. She didn’t get out of bed. Caused “fast”. It turned out, the blood pressure. Doctors quickly put on a drip, and Rima became easier:

– I’ve already decided to stay home, but the doctor said, “your cause, but I do not recommend to abandon the hospitalization, you have the situation is difficult”.

By evening, the couple was taken to the hospital 11. At that time, empty seats are not there. They waited in the cabin of the ambulance. And then they were transferred not to the emergency room, and the tent of emergency medicine, intended solely for temporary expectations. It is a buffer where should be all necessary: sun loungers, chairs, tables, tea and biscuits. But they don’t even have beds – only icy iron chairs. No food, no water, no toilet. The temperature maintained thermal ��abalone. Inside was unbearably hot, and the street was pouring cold rain – “ideal” conditions for patients with pneumonia!

the Flow of patients is huge, a day receives about 80 people, among them are those who can’t wait – bring on the stretchers. Of these patients, of course, be no queue. And patients who have a condition of average weight should expect.

– We were lucky, because in the day, told us the doctor here was chock – 18 people were sitting almost right next to each other, and we were only six, – with irony tells Rima. In this tent we spent the whole night until morning. Beside me was a woman with diabetes, a woman after a stroke at the age of about 80 years… the Patient with diabetes needed to eat – it dramatically reduces the sugar. She took nothing with him because I didn’t expect to spend the night in Spartan conditions. We all sat with difficulty. I wanted to lie down, to drink. A bottle of water and cups we bought, the staff of emergency medicine. They give us very sympathetic. Only 9 in the morning, my husband was transferred to the Department.

it is Unknown how this will affect the night in a tent on the health of patients. While GBK No. 11 – the biggest infectious hospital of Novosibirsk. It was opened on April 20.

the Situation in Novosibirsk can be called catastrophic, Now in the infectious hospitals of the city in 1492 patients with a confirmed diagnosis and suspected COVID-19 children’s hospital No. 3 delivered 61 children with suspected coronavirus. For the past day, coronavirus was confirmed in 109 people. hospitals, according to eyewitnesses, overwhelmed. Obviously, the city needs help.