A resident of Indian village Sarkoja, district Panna, state of Madhya Pradesh, found in the mine big diamond 10.69 carats. This publication reports The Sun.

35-year-old Yandell Khushwaha (Anandilal Khushwaha) worked on the rented private mine. On Tuesday, July 21, he found a huge diamond 10.69 carats, the cost of which is around five million rupees (4.7 million rubles).

The stone will be sold at auction and the proceeds from the sale of the money will go to Khushwaha, excluding any taxes and auction fees. The miner promised to split the money equally with nine colleagues on the mine. “Thanks to the collective efforts over the past six months, we were able to find such a valuable stone,” he explained.

Khushwaha is going to spend his share of the money on the education of son and daughter and other family needs.

“One thing I know for sure: I will continue to rent mine,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that a miner from Tanzania was sold to the government that he has discovered the rarest rocks and became a millionaire. Father more than 30 children got the two largest tanzanite ever found in the world.