108-year-old resident of the United States won the coronavirus during the week and became the oldest recovered by the patient in his state. It is reported by People.

Pensioner Sylvia Goldsholl (Sylvia Goldscholl) of the U.S. state of new Jersey contracted coronavirus infection in a nursing home. The woman was immediately transferred to a local prison, and staff were informed about her illness niece.

However, after a few days the doctors called back to the girl and said Goldsholl have fully recovered from the virus.

“I beat the disease because I was determined to survive,” said the woman.

Thursday, may 14, the Governor of the state of new Jersey Phil Murphy (Phil Murphy) personally congratulated Goldsholl with recovery during the daily meeting with journalists.

“She showed an amazing strength of spirit! We all have something she has to learn,” — he said and wished the pensioner health for years to come.

Earlier it was reported about 99-year-old world war II veteran from Brazil who recovered from coronavirus in eight days. The disease proceeded in the form of light, the man did not need a connection to the apparatus of artificial lung ventilation (ALV), he could breathe on his own.