Edition of Life called Félicien Kabuga, who was detained in France on charges of genocide in Rwanda, one of the main executioners of the XX century. A month and a half of mass killings in the country, according to various estimates, have died from 500 thousand to one million people.

How to write “Rambler”, 84-year-old Kabuga found in Asnieres-sur-Seine, where he lived under an assumed name. Kabuga accused of funding the genocide of the Tutsi people. It is one of the main defendants in the case at the International Tribunal.

Life notes that Kabuga for 26 years, managed to escape near Paris.

In 1994, Kabuga was one of the richest businessmen in Rwanda and a close friend of President Juvenale Habyarimana. The death of the head of the country of the terrorist attack became an occasion to the beginning of the genocide.

Authorities in Rwanda have seized military radical Hutus. They have accused of destruction of the Tutsi Habyarimana, dealt with their representatives in the government and got rid of their countrymen who did not support murder.

Kabuga is accused of providing fighters of group “the Rebel” hundreds of thousands of machete. Life notes that he owned the radio all day broadcast calls for violence against Tutsi.

The militants did not spare children, herded people into sheds and crushed by bulldozers, and organized mass rape. However, the Tutsi managed to form a resistance and to seize power. The organizers of the genocide were able to escape, since they were wanted.