Will the Trump to restrict immigration in the US Expert opinion

the US President Donald trump said that because of the coronavirus will sign a decree on the suspension of immigration into the country to save jobs of American citizens.

“In light of the attacks from the invisible enemy and the need to protect the jobs of our great American citizens, I will sign a decree on temporary suspension of immigration in the United States!” – trump wrote on Twitter.

trump has already expressed dissatisfaction with the immigration policy of the previous government – the promise to restore order on the southern border and conduct immigration reform was one of the key during his election campaign in 2016.

He has restricted entry into the United States for citizens and refugees of the seven predominantly Muslim countries, citing the threat of terrorism.

the President also proposed to introduce a new system which would consider the usefulness of a new immigrant society, including the level of education and performance. Initiatives trump didn’t found approval in Congress.

now, However, things can change, says Professor Saint-Petersburg state University Alexander Kubyshkin. His opinion he told radio Sputnik.

the New coronavirus, originally recorded in China, has spread almost worldwide. According to the latest who data, the number of cases – about 2.3 million people 155 of thousands died.

the Number of infections in the United States exceeded 780 thousand died almost 42 thousand people.

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