Will remain without doctors In Kiev warned about the threat of a human resources shortage

MOSCOW, April 23/ Radio Sputnik. Ukraine can remain without any new doctors for the second phase of health reform, said Ukrainian health Minister Maxim Stepanov.

the Second phase of health reform in Ukraine began on 1 April, despite the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. Systemic changes are at the level of clinics and hospitals.

According to the reform, medical services depends on a person’s life, now Ukraine will be completely free. So, the state will be paid for childbirth and care for the newborn, treatment of cardiovascular diseases and stroke, as well as diagnosis of cancer.

will Also be reformed emergency service – emergency call will remain free, and decide where to take the patient, will now Manager.

According to him, in Ukraine more than 10 thousand employees of the medical higher educational institutions work in health care and provide medical care – this includes professors and associate professors. With the beginning of the second stage of the reform, they can’t help patients.

the Clinical departments of universities, which are located directly in hospitals after the reform have to pay huge amount of rent. According to him, similar problems in institutions of postgraduate education and if they are not solved, Ukraine will not be new doctors, graduates of domestic universities.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported, as the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal appreciated the extension of the limits COVID-19 until may.

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