Wife Tsekalo boasted skill in bed

The wife of producer Alexander Tsekalo Darin Erwin’s cooking, but good in bed. As reported by “StarHit”, she said to herself.

28-year-old Erwin, as reported by “the Rambler”, is the fourth wife of a 59-year-old Tsekalo, model, actress and artist. They were married in 2019 in the United States.

“I’m a terrible cook, but fully making up for it in bed,” said Erwin recently.

In June, the interlocutor in an environment Tsekalo said the “StarHit” that for the sake of Erwin that much has changed, including lost 10 pounds, and have achieved this through proper nutrition and swimming at the gym. Erwin, in turn, quickly found a common language with children of the spouse. Those often visit my father in Los Angeles and never mention his mother in his presence — he forbids it, because he left a residue after a breakup.

First wife Tsekalo was the soloist of the ensemble “Hat” Alena Sifferman, the second singer Lolita, the third sister of the singer Vera Brezhneva, Viktoriya Galushka. The latter gave birth to producer in 2008, daughter to Alexander, and in 2012 his son Michael. In other marriages Tsekalo didn’t have children.