Sports betting has been developing in the United States for several years. Many states are legalizing them, allowing residents to bet on their favorite teams in sporting events and sometimes make money from it.

Since the state receives a large amount in taxes from the activities of betting shops, some in the government believe it is time to “up the ante” and actively develop the online casino market in the country.

At the past East Coast Gaming Congress, some gambling executives spoke and reported that the strong growth in the popularity of sports betting had created a favorable base for the emergence of online casinos with slot machines and table games.

Currently, online casinos can legally operate in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Delaware, and Connecticut. Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and New York, where sports betting is already legal, will join the list in the near future.

The situation is made easier by the fact that more than 10 states have already legalized the sale of online lotteries over the Internet. This experience will greatly help the development of gambling. These states already have regulators who will simply add a new amount of work in the form of online casino licensing.

When it comes to profit figures in those states where online casinos are legalized, the situation looks quite optimistic. Connecticut has earned almost $200 million in the last ten years, West Virginia has earned $137 million, and Delaware has earned $42.2 million.

It was also recently reported that New Jersey, where gambling is fully legalized, is preparing a bill to extend its legality for another 10 years. State Governor Phil Murphy will reportedly sign the bill into law as soon as this fall.

Recall that in 2018, the President of the United States allowed each state to legalize sports betting, after which many of them went down this path, giving residents access to online and offline betting shops.

No such measures were taken about online casinos, as the government considers them more dangerous than sports betting. However, it is now hoped that online casinos will also be on the list of those available for legalization and may soon be allowed in most states. This would open up a lot of jobs and also allow each state to add huge sums to its coffers each year.

Right now, mobile gambling is booming. So, given the popularity of smartphones in America, it is easy to assume that mobile casinos will be a huge success. Especially since, according to, they give new users generous no-deposit bonuses.

Nevertheless, state governments should take into account the attitude of local residents to gambling because many may be unhappy with the innovations.