Professional wrestling has been around since the 1920s, but only recently did the genre gain mainstream popularity. Today, WWE (formerly World Wrestling Entertainment) generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually through pay-per-view events, merchandise sales, and advertising. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about professional wrestling.

It’s Not Real

Wrestling is fake. It doesn’t happen in real life; it happens on television or in film. Most pro wrestlers have a background in acting or modeling, so they can convincingly portray their characters. Many actors who play fictional characters were actually trained as wrestlers before moving to Hollywood. However, there’s no such thing as actual wrestling outside of these scripted shows. There isn’t much contact between the two sides during matches, which means that wrestlers can perform all sorts of dangerous maneuvers without risking serious injury.

The Rules Are Different

The rules of professional wrestling aren’t like those of boxing or even football: Both sides don’t really get hurt. All punches must connect with the opponent’s head, so if you punch a wrestler, he won’t fall down immediately. Wrestlers also wear padding under their clothes, making them less likely to take damage from kicks and slams. If you drop a wrestler over his head into the ring mat, he’ll just bounce back up right away.

There Is No “Winner”

A match ends when one of the competitors taps out — usually by hitting the ropes repeatedly while holding a submission hold. This is called a submission victory. Or, if both opponents are knocked out, the match will be declared a draw. These outcomes may not seem fair, but it’s how wrestling works. One wrestler might lose a match because he got distracted at the wrong time, or because he was injured. He wouldn’t want to risk getting disqualified for intentionally losing, which would mean being eliminated from the tournament. Did you know that you can play online poker tournaments at sites such as casinoroar online casino? Remember to always gamble responsibly.

To Conclude

Over time, fans have reverted to wrestling-related gambling sites and online bookies where they bet on the outcome of upcoming events. Although this practice is frowned upon by governing bodies, it’s still legal, for the most part.