Yuri Antonov stocked wine

The composer and singer Yuri Antonov isolated themselves in their house, he has a good savings and the stock of wine for ten years.

This “Moskovsky Komsomolets” said a friend of the musician Andrei Kovalev.

He urged not to worry about the singer, stressing that luxury house and enough money for a comfortable life.

“he has good the savings made in good times, plus the royalties he receives regularly. And, I forgot to tell Yura has stocks of wine! In the next 10 years will be enough! I’ve seen – gorgeous wine! Not to boast, but for real life,” – said Kovalev.

According to him, Yuri Antonov concerned the only problems with the leg that “can not lead a normal state”.

“He recently admitted to me that, thank God, did not go to the Coolest sister on birthday, says God took. Although he was invited,” said a friend of the composer.

Rambler wrote that the singer Lev Leshchenko and his wife went to the doctors with complaints to deterioration of health after returning from a tour in the United States and Canada. Later it became known that the actor was suffering from coronavirus, and to the hospital in time to attend a party in honor of the birthday of the sister of the composer Igor Krutoy.