Menshikov published intimate photos of the pregnant wife

The star of the reality show “Dom 2” Stepan Menshikov published in the intimate instagram photo of his pregnant wife angelina.

“the painting captures the beautiful, attractive for its charming beauty, my angelina Nikolayevna, who, while maintaining universal peace, lay down your gorgeous body, like the goddess Venus, in the warmth of the sun warmed stones,” — said in the caption to the corresponding picture, which, according to the geotagging was made in the Seychelles.


A post shared by Stepan Menshikov (@stepanmen) on Apr 23, 2020 at 7:38am PDT

Menshikov mentioned that this “wonderful masterpiece of photographic art” is not immediately able to overcome “obstacles of intense censorship and the whisper of the evil words of the false moralists”. Also, the participant “House 2” has expressed confidence, that this photo pleases the eye and evokes warm feelings of love and happiness from people with good taste.

An hour ago, as reported by “Rambler” Menshikov published another photo from the Seychelles — their in the white wig. In the legend he said he was a nice old lady with a wide dramatic range, compared himself to actress Faina Ranevskaya and announced the search agent.