The rate of new infections coronavirus infection in Russia has stabilized, said to Bloomberg representative of the world health organization (who) Melita Vujnović. According to her, published statistics suggest that the country has reached a plateau of spreading the virus.

Experts have calculated that for several days the increase in the incidence fell to 5.5%, despite the fact that every day in Russia recorded at least 10 thousand new cases of infection.

“We really hope looking at the last few days that the increase in the incidence of out on a plateau,” said Melita Vujnović.

The representative of who stressed that when you reach a plateau usually increases the mortality rate of infected patients. Today, according to her, Russia is bottom of the list for deceased patients among the countries with a high incidence of.


Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, the expert of the world health organization (who) Maria van Kerkhove said that Smoking, contrary to rumors, does not protect people from infection coronavirus infection, and Vice versa – in some cases provokes an acute course of the disease.