moreover, the anti-corruption Bureau of Latvia have exactly one week awake, monitor advertising expenses of political parties and associations, and the shortage of candidates, the party which can spend in the election of the carousel no more than 170 thousand euros.

For the Russian-speaking inhabitants of the largest metropolis of Latvia, which is almost ten years led the leader of the “Consent” nil Ushakov, the matter wave of the pandemic began to wear especially action-Packed in nature. As you know, three years ago, his party, together with partners from “Honour to serve Riga” has started under favorable conditions and, although at great cost, but failed for the third time to hold on to power in the capital. However, with the dominance over the opposition of just one percent of the vote. It analysts, it was a signal from society that even before the corruption scandal, which was charged with the Riga mayor, the party began to significantly lose its position in the eyes of voters lost in 2014, eight of the seats.

this, incidentally, testified and political duel that began in 2019 suicidal for two Riga mayors from the party “Honour to serve Riga”. Ethnic Latvians Dainis turlais and Oleg Burov, trying in turn to demonstrate to the public the party’s solidarity, were conductors, deprived of political hearing.

Yes, and the current political season to “Consent” analysts tend to be the time of storm bad weather, despite the fact, that in the autumn of his rudder instead of the MEP Ushakov, already lighted in Brussels extremely anti-Russian shares, rose 60-year-old leader of the party faction in the Parliament jānis urbanovičs, who was named “veteran” of the Latvian parliamentarism.

That will be able to promise to the Russian-speaking voters, the social Democrats, are asking the reviewers if, after the resignation of the party leader Ushkov had to repent from the rostrum of the forum for the numerous errors in the management of the organization. But he, according to him, is not going to step aside. But will add a fresh wind in the sails of “Consent” election of a new leader, too, is difficult to say, although the rating of the party in early summer and was 22.4 percent.

and Urbanovich not especially hide that party “experienced a drop in popularity”. The biggest problem for the organization, in his opinion, is the lack of effective communication and feedback. Therefore, he says, is important “to achieve live interaction between party members, departments, Board and deputies.”

unfortunately, recognize ordinary “agasisti,” in the era of Ushakov political structure has turned into a solo for one actor, which, incidentally, was convenient and profitable for its European puppeteers. That’s why now I am convinced Urbanowicz, it is important ��to ledout two ideological maximum: the support of all ethnic groups to achieve common objectives and maximum level of social justice.

it is Possible that the strategic objective corresponds to the mood in society. But another alarming figure of sociological surveys. The fact that 38 percent of voters either do not know who to vote for, or if you don’t vote or refuse to answer this question. This is a very critical indicator, fixing the disorientation of the population. And because of the number of yet undecided voters the results of the vote can be “suspended” until the last moment, do not rule out the spin doctors.

you Should consider higher this time and competition for the votes of Russian-speaking residents. Along with a little-known candidate in mayors from “Consent” Constantine Securenym for that part of the electorate will fight and the ex-mayor Oleg Burov from the party “Honour to serve Riga”.

once again, in this regard, in the memory POPs up immortal aphorism the favorite of Napoleon that diplomatic language was given precisely in order “that he knew how to hide them your thoughts”. And that in politics all my eggs in one basket folding is not recommended, is also known from the Bible.

That son of a political guru of Latvia from the party Ushakov Sergey Dolgopolov – Dmitry, who decided to participate in elections on the list of Oleg Burov “Honour to serve Riga”, also did not hide his political ambitions. “I have long moved into the category of older middle age, but the father’s opinion, his advice is still very important to me,” admits Dolgopolov Jr., though, judging by the preference, decided that in politics, as in business, money does not smell.

And, dividing thus after the former mayor, the loser of disrespect to the memory of the liberators from Hitler’s fascism and the March on 9 may, the Immortal regiment, he is unlikely to double the number of likes the traditional capital of the voter, analysts in Riga.

Obvious crime against the voters, acknowledged in an exclusive interview with “RG” RSL co-Chairman, Miroslav Mitrofanov, should be considered and the vote of the Nile Ushakov in the European Parliament for the equalization of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany as the perpetrators of unleashing the Second World war. By the way, he said, and the leader of the party “Honour to serve Riga” also supported this decision.

Now, at the start of the election campaign, according to opinion polls, on the verge of passing in RD there are two parties: Russian Union of Latvia (4.1%) and “Honor to serve Riga” (3.6 percent). Even if we consider only the undecided voters, support for the party Zhdanok and Mitrofanov is 6.6% and gives you the opportunity to hold a thought four deputies. Political force, more than ten years of not having factions in the capital ��samoupravlenii is, experts say, will be an absolute victory, and would encourage her supporters in the municipal elections of 2021.

by the Way, held in early July, the Congress of the RSL, it was confirmed the nomination of the former MEP Miroslav Mitrofanov candidate for the post of Riga mayor. While the theses of his election program 53-year-old politician tried to explain with just a few touches: a priority for the party, he said, the elections will be conservation education in the schools of national minorities in Russian and other minority languages, development of cultural and linguistic diversity of the Latvian capital.

the Ambitions of a Mature politician are able to evaluate and local politicians. They resemble, in particular, that three years ago in collaboration with the MEP and co-chair of the party Tatyana Zhdanok he presented the book: “Russian of Latvia at the turn of the century. From the twilight of the Soviet Union to the crisis of the European Union”. According to experts, this monograph can be considered the most extensive and most detailed description of the political history of the Russian community in the Baltic countries since the late twentieth century.

the Authors have agreed in opinion, that the “bourgeois” conflict-free ingrowth the power is extremely wrong. The history of Europe, they believe, proves that society has developed through mass protests and political campaigns. Without exacerbating relations with the authorities and imposed on them the discussion of uncomfortable questions to change the reality is not.

Yes, and the Latvian Themis, judging by the growing thirst for reprisals against dissidents, repression and abuse of political prisoners, all the moves are pre-registered. For example, for self in the centre of Riga on the background of NATO armored vehicles, the politician receives bonuses and likes in social networks, and for the manifestation of pacifism or a reminder to the citizens that even a hunting rifle hanging on the wall, can lead to a tragic outcome – rely prison cell.

it Should be clarified that all the leading political parties of Latvia had already managed to declare their candidates. As always before the election marathon, the right threatened to form a common list “Latvian forces”. But this idea failed one more time: too big ambitions and contradictions between the ruling elites in the country. No one wants to take on the mission of his younger brother. In addition, the party that would be willing to go into the embrace of a broad coalition, in fact, would lose recognition in the eyes of voters.

Here, for example, before the pandemic, the leaders of the populist party KPV LV, who is not yet five years old, wanted to ignore the Riga elections, believing that party with a rating of about two percent did not Shine. However, the epidemic greatly weakened the position of their bitter rivals – the new conservatives, and they decided to take the riskb. So there were lists of candidates from the party Ralph Nemire – former Minister of economy, Chairman of the economic Commission of the Seimas. He is even willing to leave the Parliament for a ghostly seat of the mayor of the Latvian capital.

one way or another, but the LV KPV participation in the early elections, observers believe, will make the competition on the right flank even more acute. Especially considering that the New conservative party has adopted a tried and tested principle of “Cherche La femme” and will advance to the mayors of the Deputy of the diet Linda Ozola.

the leader of the NCP, the Minister of justice Janis Bordans, introducing her, said that it will provide in the capital and in the party itself, stable and consistent change. But experts caught too many shades of the evil one. Even popular politologist ojārs Skudra suggested that the candidate Ozola is a compromise, as in NKP is an internal struggle between factions. And, on the other hand, we should not forget about the truncated unions, which are already visible in these elections.

against the background of a pandemic, the political elite has a chance to join in this year and with parties that do in the diet are not presented. For example, the liberals “For the development Over!” go on elections together with the party’s social democratic wing “Progressive”. Until recently, their “locomotive” Martins Stakis was too widely known in narrow circles. And parties agreed that it is not the time to sit down at the blueprints for a new bike and turned to proven advertising trick, where the usual voter “noodles” on their ears hang is not the candidate, and reputable opinion leaders that do not skimp on duty compliments.

by the Way, and the extreme radicals of the “TB-Visu Latvijai!” managed to form a common list with the Regional Association, which, according to the Riga of the political scientist Phillip Raevsky, they will add the votes of the conservative electorate. Initially, the candidate in mayors of partners would nominate journalist Ansis of Pupils, however, on Mature reasoning found it necessary to raise the degree of personal rankings, placing in the Spiegel list ex-the Deputy of Parliament and former environment Minister Einars Cilinskis.

On taste and color, as is known, no friend. Although the current Prime Minister Karins, filling the party list in municipal elections, said in the spring that the candidate list of “New Unity” is the most recognizable. And invited to nominate mayors of charisma Vilnis Cirsis. And even though supporters of the party doubt that he can win over voters, but given that we are talking about the ruling party, its officials hope to save your face and with such a bad game.

However, among the expert community, you can hear hints of that at the August election the blood of the ruling parties are preparing p��to Portici and the Union of greens and farmers with young, ambitious candidate – the Deputy of the diet Victor Palinism. It is important to remember that the rating of the opposition “green peasants” is on the rise, and the government of the party in the eyes lose their popularity.

nevertheless, the slogan “Russian go” – is still the most attractive brand among the national politicians, while many right-wing parties except the extreme radicals, even in the depths of the soul not lost hope to get at least a little bit of Russian votes. So, to go on elections under the slogan “Latvian party against the Russian” is a very short-sighted. For the same reason the rest of the ruling party refused to sign a Memorandum in which the party vowed to create a coalition with the “Consent”, “Honor to serve Riga” and RSL.

if the Latvian and, especially, Latvian intellectuals in these conditions, to withstand the new wave of anti-Semitism and Russophobia, wonder of the local newspaper. On it last year very accurately said the human rights activist spent in prison Riga Central prison for almost six months, Professor Alexander Gaponenko: “When I read the remarks of the deputies of the Sejm of Kirsteins and Schnoor “cunning Jews, who should be deprived of citizenship and expelled from Latvia”, or that “the Russians are lice”, it seems to me that we plunged into the darkness of the middle Ages. Because none of the representatives of the creative intelligentsia of the titular nation does not object to the deputies, silently agreeing with them.”

That’s why all the complexity of the upcoming political battle for the centre-left forces, including the Russian Union of Latvia, recognized by local analysts, it is a practical strangulation in recent years, all Russian-language channels, including news block on the First Baltic channel.