In the United States announced the interception of a billion dollars from Russia


The Maltese government seized a shipment of Libyan currency in the amount of $ 1.1 billion. This was reported on the website of the US state Department.

At the White house, clashes


In front of the White house, clashes of protesters with the staff of the U.S. Secret service, which guards trump and other senior officials. The incident was reported by CNN.

Tremors: the world predicted dire consequences


A return to the practice of the cold war threatens severe consequences.

Russia and coronavirus embroil Europe and USA


The refusal of Merkel to accept the invitation of trump at the summit of the Big seven became the next episode in a series of examples of the complex relationship between leaders, are confident the authors of “the Political”.

Russia will have a new special zones


The Russian government approved the establishment of three special economic zones (SEZ), the total volume of investments of residents will make more than 35 billion rubles, said the press service of the Ministry of economic development. About it reports TASS.

the Russians warned of a mixed infection

RIA Novosti

There is evidence that a person can be both sick and influenza and coronavirus infection.

the Russians will be punished for refusing vaccination

The Russians will be fined for refusing to be vaccinated. Such norm contains in the project of the new code of administrative offences (Cao), reports “Interfax”.

"at Least one athlete we blather?"


Olympic champion and state Duma Deputy Irina Rodnina was criticized actors who complain of falling incomes during the period of the pandemic.

Police threw a secret party in isolation


The owner of the restaurant “Gyumri” in Surgut was forced to open a restaurant at the request of investigators. For ten police officers table was laid, according to “Tape.”

Prigogine and Valeria gave the “noodles”

RIA Novosti

After complaining of the “terrible position” of artists during a pandemic party “Communists of Russia” decided to send the family of the producer Joseph Prigogine “humanitarian aid” – packs of Ramen noodles, – informs RIA Novosti.