What products will save from coronavirus

Allegations of chudozestvennoj though ginger, even lemon, though some other product, which is supposedly able to heal us from coronavirus – no more than a marketing ploy particularly “clever” entrepreneurs. There is no one food that by itself can protect us from the virus, says Dmitriy Nikityuk, Director of the INSTITUTE “FITS of food and biotechnology”, corresponding member of RAS, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor. Another thing is that in the garlic, and the lemon and ginger has a variety of biologically active compounds that our body is useful. In this sense, their intake is justified and appropriate. “But a panacea, a remedy that is able to resist infection, none of these foods, of course, is not,” – emphasizes the scientist.

Photo: EPA-EFE/ANGELO CARCONI What are the products EU citizens buy quarantined

the butter is also good for the body, adequate, reasonable doses. “If we take a piece of black Borodino bread, spread it in a thin layer of oil, but with herring, it is a very helpful and pleasant. It acts on the limbic system is a set of structures of the brain that controls our emotional activity. We have positive emotions,” explains nikitiuk. And the garlic from the coronavirus useful unless that sharp smell people do not approach each other closer to 1.5-2 metres, jokes the Professor.

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