Victims of fire in a nursing home in Moscow will be placed in social security institutions

Video: Moscow 24

the Hotel also offers the private nursing home “Third age” in Moscow, in which the fire occurred, can be accommodated in the urban social institutions.

according to Deputy mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova, each victim, if necessary, will be provided psychological and medical assistance.

“We hold a situation on control”, – declared Vice-the mayor.

the Boarding house “the Third age” is a private resort club residences for older people, including for sedentary people with disabilities.

the Fire broke out in the building nursing home “the Third age” on the 3rd Myakininskaya street house 12, Wednesday evening, April 8.

According to recent reports, the fire killed two people, injured more than 10, about 50 people were rescued.

At the moment the fire is liquidated. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case. On the scene forensics.

rescuers liquidated a fire in a nursing home in Moscow

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