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Allegations of chudozestvennoj ginger, lemon or some other product that is supposedly able to heal us from coronavirus - no more than a marketing ploy particularly "clever" entrepreneurs. About it "RG" told the correspondent member of the RAS Dmitriy Nikityuk
During acute viral infections doctors especially recommend vitamins such as C, A, E, D and trace elements such as zinc, copper and selenium. The vitamins you can pick up at the pharmacy, but you can get them from foods
In connection with home isolation people spend a lot of time at home, and fresh food become less available than usual. About how to build the diet, said in Rospotrebnadzor
In 1932 Yevgeny Zamyatin wrote: "emigration - two of the most popular author in the first place Elena molokhovets, the second Pushkin". If the author of a cookbook has 29 titles with a total circulation of nearly 300 thousand copies. By the early twentieth century the book had already 4500 recipes
Starting from 30 years in men gradually decreases testosterone levels is one of the main male hormone, responsible not only for sexual function, but many other things. About how to maintain men's health longer-and how can I restore the fading ability, "RG" said the doctor-androlog novel Rozhivanov
The Ministry of health has proposed to divide health facilities into three levels. The principle is similar with the assignment of stars in the hotel business: the more stars, the higher the level of comfort and equipment. Such information about the clinic or hospital will give the patient the material "RG"
The Ministry of health offers to bake bread and bakery products using only iodized salt. What the Ministry seeks to achieve, therefore, found "RG"

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