Turnout at the General election of 2020 in the USA was a record for the last 120 years. Such conclusions of the draft United States Election Project drew attention to the publication the Hill.

According to Professor of political science at the University of Florida’s Michael McDonald, according to the morning of November 4, the election was attended by 160 million people. This means that the turnout was 66.9 percent. It was in 1900 — 73.7 percent. For comparison, in 2016-m to year during the election stations visited 55.7 per cent of voters.

“This is not a bug. In the presidential election of 2020, the highest for 120 years the turnout,” added McDonald. He added that counting of votes still continues, but because the data will still be updated.

November 3 in the USA was the day of the General election. Citizens choose the President and Vice President, 35 senators, the entire house of representatives, 13 governors and representatives of local authorities.

For the post of head of state trying to get re-elected incumbent President Donald trump. His main rival — former Vice President and Democrat Joe Biden. Officially, the vote counting has not been completed, in many States the difference between the candidates is tenths of a percent.

Yet Biden’s 238 electoral votes, while trump’s 213. Despite the fact that the final results of the presidential elections yet, trump has already congratulated their constituents with a victory. At the headquarters Biden also expressed confidence in the victory.