KIEV, may 3 – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian law enforcers opened a criminal case on a man who hung out at the house of the Soviet flag, reported the press service of the police Department in Odessa region.

“First of may 52-the summer inhabitant of one of villages of the district on the roof of his house hung a red flag with the Ukrainian legislation prohibited the Communist symbols. The man explained that in this way tried to celebrate the international labor day. The flag police have seized the offender, and information on this fact made in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations”, – reported on the website of the police.

Now militiamen carry out an investigation into the fabrication and propaganda of Communist symbols. The offender faces up to five years in prison.

From may 2015 the law of Ukraine “about the condemnation of the Communist and Nazi regimes” prohibiting propaganda of Soviet symbols. It implies, in particular, the renaming of cities and streets named after Soviet statesmen. Institute of naramata published the list, which includes 520 historical figures whose activities are subject to the law of “decommunisation”, and therefore, their names should disappear from geographical names. The document caused a great resonance in society, as it was not clearly spelled out the limits of its use.