Vienna cemeteries offer the service virtual grave

the Vienna cemetery began offering a free “virtual box” that allows you to stay close with the deceased, despite the restrictive measures adopted in connection with the coronavirus. Anyone can get information online, the TV channel

the Virtual app is available through the web site. Citizens receive a personal access code, and then via a secure connection go to the online platform, which allows you to visit deceased relatives. Working with service reminiscent of the banking transactions.

“We are experiencing a growing need for information for customer service. Much more people calling us with questions about his grave. We understand this and are ready to help in difficult times,” – said the management of the “Vienna cemeteries” Renate Niklas during the presentation of the service.

According to her, the app was going to use in the summer, but with restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it was running now.

meanwhile in Austria was 14 370 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 393 people died from the disease. The Prosecutor’s office of Graz is conducting the investigation into the death of 12 patients nursing homes. According to investigators, the place was not taken due precautions. The administration is accused of involuntary manslaughter through the transmission of infectious diseases.