Video: How wild animals are captured deserted because COVID-19 city

Imposed by the authorities of India because of the pandemic coronavirus quarantine quickly transformed the Indian city: on the empty streets of the wild animals.

Photo: EPA-EFE/JUSTIN LANE the who on finding cures COVID-19 will take months

according to the newspaper The Indian Express in Kozhikode of Kerala was seen the Malabar civet cat (Viverra civettina) is a rare species of carnivorous mammals of the civet family. The total population of the species has less than 250 adult individuals. The international Union for conservation of nature assigned the status to “critically endangered”.

In the video, duration 13 seconds, can be seen as a nocturnal predator day crossing the street in the area Mapour. Video in the social network posted a officer of the Indian forest service Susanta Nanda.

Some Internet users said that the animal looks sick, but others believe that the roller is mounted.

However, in another Indian city of Haridwar in the night is a jungle out Sika deer and ROE deer.

by the Way, earlier in social networks there were shots as the streets of the city of boulder in Colorado USA Cougars roam. Predators openly walked in the afternoon, surrounded by private houses.

Mountain lions moving back into boulder during lockdown.

— Back To Nature (@backt0nature) March 26, 2020