Willy Sommers (67), which is at the end of January with a heart surgery set, must be a different way to work on his recovery. “I will have to do cardiac rehab to do, but because of the corona virus, I can’t do it in my hospital.”

The singer is going to be as an alternative any day of the five-kilometre walk for his health. In our zusterkrant the het belang van Limburg. , he tells us that it goes well with his health and that of their family members. (continue reading below image)

Willy Sommers with her daughter, Luna, and their son Luka. (Photo: Photo News

“I’m staying at home with my wife and kids. Luna will be 18 in september and is in her last year of high school. I feel so sorry for her that this is exactly what needs to be done, during what is normally the best years of her life to what it should be. She was, and her classmates going on a trip to Italy, she was a galabal… All of them on your computer. My son Luka is 14. He has been a football club and a schedule is given to each and every day, for about 8 to 9 kilometers away. Using a smart phone, it is registered to you.”

Sommers tries to get his kids to help them with their homework. “I’m a teacher of English and English-to-German, of course. If they have a question coming, or something with a d, or dt, should be, I can help them out. But in math, I didn’t have the slightest clue as to what. I don’t know if any other parents are also feeling it, but I have noticed that they have lots of forwards to get it. Do not have to do it, I think.”

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