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Europe complained about the quality of Chinese medical products. China was forced to strengthen inspections of each batch, which increased delivery time
The most popular professions of the near future managers in the promotion of social networks and programmers. In addition, we will need people who are "working hands" - locksmiths, electricians, plumbers, said "RG" Director of the center of employment of the population
Increased demand for garlic in the country is associated with an overall idea of its antiviral properties. Russia supplied the garlic in the Ukraine. Experts suggest that this limitation will not significantly influence cost containment and the provision of market food
The Bank temporarily allowed banks to issue mortgages remotely due to pandemic coronavirus. This follows from the words of the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. She noted that demand for mortgages will grow
Worldwide, the rapidly growing number of those infected with the coronavirus, only for the last days of world statistics added 13 860 new cases. However, the world still left, untouched by the pandemic. Details - in the material "RG"
The Russian government instructed the Ministry of industry and trade as a priority to ensure protection of the institutions and the relevant services. This is stated in the message of the Cabinet
From 4 April temporarily suspended international flights for the removal of the Russians from abroad, reported in the sit room to prevent spreading the infection. Those remaining abroad, will be provided social assistance to return home. Allocated 500 million rubles
If the European community doesn't show solidarity and unity in the fight against coronavirus, the pandemic will be more severe than crises related to Brexit and migration. This was stated by the leaders of the countries-EU members, politicians and experts
In an attempt to reduce the shortage of key means of preventing the spread of coronavirus, the government of Australia imposed a ban on sending them abroad. This primarily applies to parcels to China. The ban mask, and disinfectant gels
In India, which introduced compulsory isolation for three weeks until April 15, police used tear gas to disperse the crowd of migrant workers
For mortgage holders who find themselves in difficult life situations, including the pandemic has opened a hotline. On the website ask.house.Russia to find answers to common questions and ask your own question
Remote work, self-isolation, quarantines and forced leaves have become buzz words spring 2020. What to do at home 24 hours a day and how to manage time, tells "RG"
Many cities introduced a state of quarantine because of pandemic coronavirus. The absence of people leads again to settlements of the animals there have not seen. So, in India on the street took the rare civet cat
The package of incentives announced by the Russian government, is an important contribution to supporting the economy in Russia. This opinion in the Eastern Committee of German economy
The closing of countries to quarantine and the strengthening of border controls caused the expected complexity in the logistics of overseas shipments. Representatives of logistics companies are sure that after some time, the work at border crossing points lined up
The government continues to work to preserve the stability of the economy under the influence of coronavirus infection. The actions of the Cabinet of Ministers entered into appropriate plan of action. New orders and orders out every day
Events music events music fans can "visit" online, is in the next month world format. In the list of accessions not only Russian halls and theatres, but also the largest musical venues in the world
The government published the action plan for sustainable development of economy in conditions of the spread of coronavirus. To support the economy will allocate 300 billion rubles
The Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation introduces additional measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 21 Mar recommended to cancel all competitions in the country. The corresponding order was signed by the Minister of sports Oleg Matytsin
Following the results of competitions in Finland have become known to the owners of the "Big crystal globe". Men's planet Cup went to Norway's Johannes Bø. Our Alexander Loginov finished seventh. By the way, despite all the rumors, career he is not going to end
Until the end of Tuesday, Cabinet instructed to finalize the plan of priority actions in connection with the distribution of COVID-19 and its impact on the economy. "We will do everything to protect our country from this new threat," said Mikhail Mishustin
One of the largest Australian retailers have imposed restrictions on sale of certain products in connection with the panic related to the coronavirus. The share of the company represents about 40 percent of the Australian market
Donald trump warned the EU about banning Europeans to enter the United States because of the coronavirus, because it had not had the time. The American President explained their actions by the need "to act and not wait"

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