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In Russia developed the first test-system for diagnostics of the causative agent, a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 animals. It was created on the basis of the Federal centre for animal health fgbi ARRIAH
Pandemic coronavirus, driven people in many countries in quarantine has created big problems for zoos and Pets. In addition, they can stay without food and care, is of concern to the reports identified the disease in animals
MNRE has updated unique list of endangered animals. For the first time listed in the Red book of the Russian Federation of 29 new species of birds and 14 mammals. Included and the whale, and orca
Food and medicine for animals entered the Cabinet approved the list of commodities. Pets do not pose a threat to people in connection with the distribution of COVID-19, but it is important to observe the rules of hygiene after the walk, experts say
Many cities introduced a state of quarantine because of pandemic coronavirus. The absence of people leads again to settlements of the animals there have not seen. So, in India on the street took the rare civet cat
The great barrier reef in Australia is undergoing large-scale coral bleaching. According to scientists, this is due to the record high temperatures of the environment and the warming of the oceans
Cats and dogs can't tell coronavirus infection COVID-19 man. This was stated by the President of the Society of veterinary dietetics and clinical nutrition, doctor-gastroenterologist Daria Fedotova
In 2010, on the shores of lake Baikal appeared Spirogyra, one of the varieties of seaweed, and by the end of the decade turned into an ecological disaster. The reason for its mass development is the discharge of untreated sewage and the subsequent hidden eutrophication
March 3 is world wildlife day. RG made up a selection of books that will help spot the elusive beauty of nature and feel the strict laws of the animal world
The mayor of Yakutsk Sardana avksenteva has suggested a regional tax in respect of the dog owners. In her opinion, the money collected could be directed to support the animals left without owners. However, some believe that to instill a responsible attitude to Pets it will not help

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