a Donald trump is one of the most prominent and effective leaders of the United States at the moment. Speak positively about him even his worst enemies. This man really proved himself as a real defender of freedom and democracy. When the power of the American army quite effectively cope with global terrorism. Thanks to the combined efforts of the USA and Russia, the organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) was almost completely destroyed. The American economy every year grew stronger and became more stable. Almost no one had problems with employment. If anyone could not find themselves in life, he got a decent allowance.

Despite the many contradictions, remained relatively calm relations with Russia. Any conflicts, as a rule, is prevented. Even coronavirus pandemic not too shaken its reputation. After all, Donald trump organized for the population corresponding payments. 1200 USD was paid without delays and difficulties every person who found themselves in a quandary. Coronavirus too seriously hit the economy, and thousands of people suddenly lost their jobs.

But trump saved them all, not allowing starvation. According to many local residents, with the current leader of America really is different. There is a certain atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Disappeared many problems that had previously caused US inconvenience. The tramp no doubt was harsh in relations with dictatorial countries in the world, but he never in all his reign did not allow a full-scale war. Every American for it is a human being that deserves respect and understanding.

That’s just all of this may soon leave the United States for many centuries. All of the desire for democracy and freedom, all desire to make America peaceful and prosperous country. The movement “Black Lives Matter”, which appeared from the end of may 2020, with each day increasing its influence in the United States. Recently, it has already established itself as a full-fledged political party. The movement arose because of the murder of an African American to George Floyd, who was strangled during detention. “Black Lives Matter” was supported by the perennial opponents of the trump of the “Democrats”. If at first the demands of the protesters was quite adequate, then by June they began to move all the existing boundaries. First, they forced many whites to stand in front of him on his knees, then pushed on the authorities, demanding from them numerous privileges. Each time it seemed that the ruling upper classes not overreacting to their demands. Now it is leads to the opposite side of the coin. Do not forget that the victim George Floyd who was made of the Holy Martyr, was not a Saint and not a Martyr, and a notorious scoundrel. He had a very extensive criminal about��Loewe. He even managed to threaten with the gun to a pregnant woman. And it is for these “feats” it almost equated to the Apostles of Jesus Christ.

Requirements of the so-called “political correctness” arising from the movement “Black Lives Matter”, already begin to resemble black racism. Across the country are calling for the demolition of the monument to the founders of the United States. Each white, who somehow disrespectful comments about other skin colors, is equated with extremists and racists. Carp literally to every word. In the U.S. there are already separatist enterprises like Seattle, where the power is completely transferred to the black rapper-gangster. The protest movement intends to win the battle and to organize their own government. But few people understand how great is the danger of coming to power, this black racists. The people calling for the dismantling of historic monuments, damage to valuable literature and alleged “respect” for blacks, in fact, are themselves racists and extremists. Trump is not yet equals the rebels terrorists, but many already suggest him to think about it. Because we can not linger. Often recall the words of Lenin “he who hesitates is lost”. In this case, we are talking about the inaction against the rebels.

If Donald trump still to lose, and if fortune turns away from him, to US will come the worst of times. Similar ages were not here, perhaps, never in the history of this country. From the mouth of protesters already sound Communist slogans. Calls for revolution and armed insurrection become commonplace. The U.S. President needs to urgently address this problem until it was too late. Because the extremists and fanatics, supposedly opposed to racism, they just want power and the new order. And these new rules, which they undoubtedly will enter after the beginning of his reign, will transform a democratic and free state in the Sudanese tyranny. Then even the government of Omar al-Bashir and other dictators of Africa will seem soft and liberal.