Urgant joined the new trend and covered her body with a pillow

TV Presenter Ivan Urgant and guest of his show “Evening Urgant” singer Natalia ionov, known under the pseudonym of Glucose, joined the new trend on the Internet that became popular during the pandemic and the need to comply with self-isolation. Stars covered their bodies with pillows, pinning them to the waist belts. The record release is available on YouTube.

At the beginning of the program Urgant apologized for the “idiotic views”, he quipped that his clothes were stolen during the preparations for challenge.

the Corresponding frame TV presenter laid out in Instagram-account program. In the review, users praised the appearance of the stars. “Vanya and slim body, however. For clothes it was not clear”, “Ivan, oddly enough, but you crazy is this outfit. The best model with the cushion of all that I’ve seen to date!” — they wrote.

Many have drawn attention to the fact that the TV presenter looks better in this way than his guest. “Ivan pillow is more than Natalie, Right leg more interesting”, “Ivan’s legs spectacular,” said subscribers.

Suitable challenge launched a Swedish blogger in early April. The publication became viral and received more than 39 thousand likes, and the trend began to gain popularity. Currently the hashtag #quarantinepillowchallenge used more than 14.5 thousand times.